Erden Güven - Senior Partner - Architect

Erden Güven, who graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture in 1982, first started his professional life as a project manager. He continued to his career as site manager, subcontracting, contracting etc. at various construction sites, after "passing it off" with activities, he returned to his architectural career. Many cultural assets from important monumental structures in Turkey such as; Cizre Castle, Istanbul Rumeli Fortress, Nizip Fevkani Church, Gaziantep St. Bedros Church and Gaziantep Shih Fetullah Kulliye prepared the survey and restoration projects by his architectural firm. In addition to these, he finished few four and five star hotel projects, business centers, plazas, health buildings, various housing projects and urban design projects within the scope of urban transformation. He especially evaluates his last years with his work on sustainable architecture. In this sense, he designed Turkey's first passive structure in Gaziantep together with a German colleagues. In addition, he prepared an ecological urban design guide of approximately 300 pages with his team in order to make ecological designs on an urban scale in this city, to lead the creation of the largest ecological city plan in the world and to reference the design criteria of architects. Another of his most important recent projects is the construction of an old courthouse, which he built in Gaziantep by using waste material and recycling them in a significant part of building materials and turned it into an art center.

He also tries to contribute to the Union of Historical Cities by teaching at the academy of one of the most important foundations of Turkey, ÇEKÜL (Environmental and Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation) as a member of the high advisory board. In addition, he occasionally receives invitations to conferences, interviews and workshops on a national scale and makes presentations.

Serdar Nizamoğlu - Senior Partner - City Planner

He graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning (1988). He has 20 years of work experience in local governments, Ankara- Sincan Municipality (2 years) and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Metropolitan Planning Branch Directorate (18 years). After leaving the institution voluntarily in 2007, he provided planning, design and consultancy services as a freelance city planner for 4 years.

He took part in Ankara Metropolitan Area Planning Studies, took part in the planning subcommittees, and took part in the process of sharing the plan with the senior management.

He directed the analysis of the whole city of Ankara. Within the scope of the climate change action plan prepared jointly by the Development Bank of France and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, he managed the planning and design processes of a pioneering practice in the field of Ecological Urban Design Guide, sustainable urban living spaces and applications. He is currently working as a city planner at EG, of which he is one of the founding members.

Ekin Güven - Junior Partner - Architect

Born in Gaziantep in 1988, partner in an Architectural company with his architect father since 2007, worked in many positions in his own company till today. Worked and Studied on PTSD Rehab Center and proposed architectural solutions on its cure while he was in Bosnia, still works on natural building materials and their usage in modern design solutions in his animal farm complex in Urla/İZMİR. Also working in his company projects on Renovation, Urban Transformation, Urban Design, Sustainable Rural Buildings and Energy Efficient Housing in Turkey and Estonia.